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Launcher V2 Update



If any of you having problem with launcher please download and extract this to your main game folder.


Thank You,

GodzMU Team

Posted12 / 12 / 2017

New Launcher Simplified Updater

Starting today we will be using more simplified game updater & launcher in our game that will avoid problematic issues on our old server incompatibility with some machine

Please download this new updater & launcher this will guarantee to fix all issues you had from previous launcher.

Please share this also to your friends who had trouble connecting to our server before.

New Launcher:

Thank You,
GodZMU Team

Posted22 / 11 / 2017

Donation Promo!

We have good news to all godz warriors as a donation started today we will give you some promo.

1$ = 150 Wcoins from previously 100 Wcoins Only!

This Donation Promo is only Valid for 1 Week!

For Non Paypal Donors Please Contact our Staff @ Our Group Page

Contact Person: GM TheGodz or GM Omni

Grab your Wcoins Now!

Posted06 / 11 / 2017

Phase 3 - Season 13 Pre-Deployment


As we continue to advance in updated contents we are slowly adding season 13 features.

4th class is already available but we did not activated this yet as some small bugs issues are being fixed & this will get the game max ML to 480 and we still want to give time to other players who are still reaching 400.

With this pre-deployment of Season 13 we are just adding for now those exotic blood angel gears. They are the same look as regular angel gears but have difference on ancient stats & color glow as exotic blood gears will have Gold Color.

These exotic angel gears will drop from new boss raid maps

  • Core Magnify
  • Lord Ferea
  • Nixie Boss

Drop Rate: 10%
Dark Angel Boots: 7.5%
Holy Angel Boots: 5%

Please play the video below to see the stats difference.






Godz MU Team

Posted02 / 11 / 2017

Update - Isolating Offline Features



As we dont aim the server to be pure of bot mode this is just simple boost for players who do not have much time.

We have isolated all offline features to Server 1 only.

That means you can only use offline features such as /offlevel & /offtrade in Server 1.

Server 1 will not have active events such as BC, DS, Illustion Temple & all other events.

Offlevel feature can only be used for maximum 24 hours and then you will get disconnected.


Thank You


Posted02 / 11 / 2017

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