Lucky Tier 1 items enabled
Posted on Aug 06,2019 at 20:38
We have enabled the first tier of lucky items. Tier 1 Lucky items are Moros, Hades, Dione and Ophion.

To get the .....
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Valhalla sub-realm closed.
Posted on Aug 06,2019 at 19:46
It`s not the best thing to announce, but alas the server was not drawing in as much attention as initially expected. With server costs and not en .....
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PCPoint shop enabled
Posted on Jul 29,2019 at 17:03
PCPoint shop has been updated and enabled on all servers. You can open the shop using X on your keyboard while in a safe zone. This shop contains .....
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Hyperion: Last Man Standing
Posted on Jul 25,2019 at 17:23
Last Man Standing PvP event has been enabled on Hyperion Server 1. Event will take place daily at 3PM and 9PM(GMT+8).

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Hyperion: Kundun Reworked
Posted on Jul 18,2019 at 18:34
Kundun drops have been reworked. Kundun will now drop 1-3 items from the following list:

Jewel of Bless bundle
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Valhalla server update
Posted on Jul 14,2019 at 12:15

We have closed the Valhalla Singapore(Los Angeles server is still up) server for the time being. Valhalla .....
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11/07/19 Valhalla CM rates increased
Posted on Jul 11,2019 at 18:35
We`ve increased the Chaos Machine rates on Valhalla to match those on Hyperion. Keep in mind that the rates here are still lower than default rat .....
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Castle Lords Incentives
Posted on Jul 01,2019 at 22:30

Effective today Castle Lords will have Chaos Machine & TCA Fail Incentives available in Land of Trials 55 16 at Entrace Poi .....
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Hyperion Realm Castle Siege Starts June 30!
Posted on Jun 22,2019 at 23:14


Hyperion Castle Siege will Start on Sunday June 30, 2019

  • Schedule: Every Sunday
  • Time: 8 .....
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eCoins Top-up now Available!
Posted on Jun 22,2019 at 16:33

Our eCoins Top-up Donation for Hyperion & Valhalla is now Available! Please login on our website and click Top-Up.

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Valhalla Realm - Non Reset Server
Posted on Jun 17,2019 at 19:04

Our Non Reset Realm Valhalla will open on June 21! .....
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Nighamare Event Drop Update
Posted on Jun 17,2019 at 09:50
* Maya Hands

- Random Drop of Following:

Jewel of Life Bundle
Jewel of Creation Bundle
Jewel of Guardian Bundle
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Daily PK King Achievement in Launcher!
Posted on Jun 16,2019 at 18:08

You can now gain PK Points By Killing Players from Maps :

  • Lorencia Circle PVP Zone .....
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Updates 16/6/2019
Posted on Jun 16,2019 at 14:47


Here are Today`s Update:

* Talisman of Chaos Assembly Failed Mix Update

- When failing to upgra .....

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Godz Hyperion Realm Drop Table
Posted on Jun 15,2019 at 02:05

Passive Drop From Normal Monsters .....

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Welcome to GodzMU Season 6
Posted on Jun 13,2019 at 22:30

Server Info :

Instant PVP Server Auto Max Stats!
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 200
MaxStats: 32K
Max Reset: Unlimited
3 Guilds Max Ally
Singapore Dedicated Server

Unique Key Features

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