Hyperion: Kundun Reworked
Posted on Jul 18,2019 at 18:34
Kundun drops have been reworked. Kundun will now drop 1-3 items from the following list:

Jewel of Bless bundle
Jewel of Soul bundle
Jewel of Life bundle
Jewel of Harmony bundle
Higher Refining Stone bundle
Jewel of Chaos bundle
Jewel of Creation bundle
Jewel of Guardian bundle
Magic Backpack
Add Slot Token
Devil Square Invitation
Blood Castle Invitation
Kalima Invitation
Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Talisman of Luck

Kundun spawns in Kalima 6, Kalima 7, Icarus, Dungeon, Tarkan and Kanturu Relics. I will leave the specific coordinates for you guys to figure out. The respawn timer is set to 2 hours, and that`s to give everyone playing at any hour a chance to kill Kundun.

If you see any inconsistencies, contact any Game Master and they will relay the information to the relevant parties.
Note: At this point in time Kundun is the only boss that drops TOCA and TOL, so happy hunting!