Lucky Tier 1 items enabled
Posted on Aug 06,2019 at 20:38
We have enabled the first tier of lucky items. Tier 1 Lucky items are Moros, Hades, Dione and Ophion.

To get these items you will need to hunt for tickets in Blood Castle and Devil Square. They will drop from all mobs with a 1/10000 rate, so make sure you participate in the events as much as you can.

Once you obtain a ticket, travel to Elbeland and find David at coordinates 22 214. He will exchange your ticket for a lucky item.

David will produce an item for your class with a random + level, as well as roll randomly between non-excellent up to a maximum of 4 options. These items will also have a 70% chance to have Luck as well, and you will need to get lucky with the ancient stamina roll(+5 or +10).
This is as intended, as we want to introduce something players really do need to grind for, to break away from the monotonous grind for jewels.

Lucky items are NOT repairable by normal means. In order to repair them you will have to use a Jewel of Extension. To obtain this jewel, you will need to speak to David in Elbeland again and refine a lucky item into a Jewel of Extension. This jewel will restore your broken item to 255 durability.

Be careful though, if your item reaches 0, it will vanish.

In a while we will also be adding Tier 2 lucky items, but first get your hands on the new stuff. Stay tuned!