PCPoint shop enabled
Posted on Jul 29,2019 at 17:03
PCPoint shop has been updated and enabled on all servers. You can open the shop using X on your keyboard while in a safe zone. This shop contains battle scrolls and buffs as well as pets providing various boosts. There are two ways of earning PCPoints.

Method 1: Be online. Every continuous hour you spend in-game will reward you with 5 PCPoints. 

Method 2: Hunt specific monsters that reward PCP upon defeating them. All Golden monsters from invasions as well as Medusa, Kundun, Erohim and the White Wizard will reward you with PCP. Different monsters will reward differrent amounts of points. I`ll let you guys discover how much each monster is worth. ;)

Please be aware that PCPoins are not account wide, and they are bound to a single character. You can earn PCP on multiple characters but each one will have it`s own amount of points.
If you notice any issues with the shop, pricing, rewards rates or have any feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]