Updates 16/6/2019
Posted on Jun 16,2019 at 14:47


Here are Today`s Update:

* Talisman of Chaos Assembly Failed Mix Update

- When failing to upgrade item using TOCA You will just lose 1-3 Levels randomly

- Example - When Upgrading to +15 using TOCA and you fail then your item will just be +14 or +13 or +12 instead of going back to +0

* Kalima Spots Added & Kundun Boss Added

* Spam & Op Skills for 32k Stats Added Soft Cooldown .100ms

* Arena 2 Added with New PVP Map Look

* General Server Optimization

* All Players Can Make Items From Website, Login & Click Item Shop

* All Players Created Are Auto Max Stats

* All Servers are PVP Servers, We will not Put Up NON-PVP ( No Carebears )

Thank You,
GodzMU Team