Valhalla Realm - Non Reset Server
Posted on Jun 17,2019 at 19:04

Our Non Reset Realm Valhalla will open on June 21!

Create Your Own Item -  Jewel Farming

Level Exp: 500x
ML Exp: 250x
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 200
Stats: Build Stats Non Reset
2 Guilds Max Per Alliance
Max Excellent Options: 3
Socket + Excellent: No
Ancient + Excellent: No
Max Socket Slot: 3
Max Socket Level: 3
Spawn Farm Spots: Yes
Lucky Items: DISABLED

Server Rules

* All Servers are PVP Enabled
* Kill Steal is Allowed even in Boss Raids
* No Rules on Trash Talks
* Real Money Trade is Allowed
* Betting is Allowed at Your Own Risk!
* WARNING: Server is not for fainthearted Players!

If you already have an Account with Hyperion Realm then you can use it for Valhalla Realm, You will just need to create new characters.

Thank You,
GodzMU Team